Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo! Wins the Polisocial Award 2018

On February 7th, 2019, “Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” (scientific manager Professor Laura Montedoro) has been conferred the  Polisocial Award 2018, a competition which rewards projects with high social impacts from Politecnico di Milano. 

“Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” is a study for the integrated development of the regions BOAne, MoAmba, Namaaacha (Mozambique).
“Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” follows the successful Polisocial experience of Mo.N.G.U.E., a research project aiming to integrate environment, growth, university, and education. The research team is characterized by the involvement of multi-sectoral partners which brings expertise in various academic fields, including urban planning, energy, hydraulic engineering, and water management. The goal of the project is to contribute to the development of the Maputo (Mozambique) area through efficient landscape planning, and by providing local entities with a methodology and a development plan. In particular, the research team focuses on the water-food-energy nexus, with a particular highlight on the agricultural sector.