21 October 2019
h 8.45 – 18.00
Aula Gamma | School of Architecture and Society
Politecnico di Milano

We are glad to invite you to the international seminar
The challenge of sustainable development in a country in search of new tools for territorial governance and planning”

The seminar proposes a discussion with international experts on methodologies and tools for sustainable territorial planning in the fragile contexts of the Global South.
The focus is on Mozambique, a country subjected to the effects of climate change, fragile in social and economic terms, energy production and access, food security and water management, the relationship between rural and urban areas, the integration of built and intangible assets.
These challenges require innovative design and governance tools capable of integrating aspects of variability and / or informality that represent a paradigm shift with respect to the consolidated European planning tradition. The seminar is proposed as a field for open and inter-disciplinary discussion at international level.

The seminar is the first of a cycle of encounters and an exhibition about Mozambique at Polimi. Organized in cooperation with “Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo” Polisocial Award 2018, funded by DAStU – Politecnico di Milano and Polisocial

First Draft Presentation

On the 23rd of July, the interdipartimental team of the “Boa_ma_nhã, Maputo!” project convened for the presentation and discussion of the draft Assessment Report, the first research output of the project which includes a thorough examination of the key dimensions and issues of the Maputo metropolitan area.
The Report will be then validated through the fieldwork mission, planned for the end of summer 2019, during which it will be also shared with and presented to the local partners and to relevant actors and policy-makers in the region. 

Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo! Wins the Polisocial Award 2018

On February 7th, 2019, “Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” (scientific manager Professor Laura Montedoro) has been conferred the  Polisocial Award 2018, a competition which rewards projects with high social impacts from Politecnico di Milano. 

“Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” is a study for the integrated development of the regions BOAne, MoAmba, Namaaacha (Mozambique).
“Boa_Ma_Nhã, Maputo!” follows the successful Polisocial experience of Mo.N.G.U.E., a research project aiming to integrate environment, growth, university, and education. The research team is characterized by the involvement of multi-sectoral partners which brings expertise in various academic fields, including urban planning, energy, hydraulic engineering, and water management. The goal of the project is to contribute to the development of the Maputo (Mozambique) area through efficient landscape planning, and by providing local entities with a methodology and a development plan. In particular, the research team focuses on the water-food-energy nexus, with a particular highlight on the agricultural sector.